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Where Life Takes Us

Inspirational stories from our readers

The Smartest 7th Grader on Earth

Furney Eubanks: veteran, businessman, inventor, loving father

Crocheting Warmth for Those in Need

The Catawba Crafters have handcrafted thousands of items

A Cat and a Fiddle

I’ve grown to appreciate the stories that are passed down father to son.

Joyful Times at Summer Music Camp

Remembering music and dancing at Silk Hope Farm Heritage Park

Perseverance in the Face of Fear

A reader achieves her lifelong dream off the NC coast

Learning About Life on the Farm

My family and I are embarking on an adventure

My Adventures with ‘Granny Good’

Reflecting on memories with a beloved, southern grandmother

An Opportunity for Choice, Chance and Reward…

Some people wait their entire lives to meet their hero — I gave birth to mine.

RJ’s Hot Dog Dayz

A short-lived safe haven in the Rocky Mount Amtrak Station.