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A Mom’s Love Leaves a Mark

A Mom’s Love Leaves a Mark

“One mother can take care of 10 children. Sometimes 10 children cannot take care of one mother.”

In the early 1970s after this picture was taken, I could not understand the above quote. Half a century later, I not only understand it, I embrace it as a mother and a grandmother.

I recently read an article referencing a father taking care of his four children for 70 days, ages 4 to 16. He lost 10 pounds and recommended husbands help their wives with dinner, dishes, etc.

In the era my mom raised the 10 of us, with my dad, of course, rearing children was considered woman’s work. I applaud my mother for giving us her all and putting her all into teaching my siblings and me to be honest, hardworking, respectful and responsible individuals. She set the ultimate example for us to emulate. When she passed away in 1997, she did not do so alone. Two of her daughters were at her bedside.

I can unequivocally say, a love as powerful as my mother’s love had left its mark. One that I hope will live on for generations to come.

Mildred Leggett, Lumberton A member of Lumbee River EMC

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