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Family Keeping Together

Family Keeping Together

Here is a picture of my mother with her nine children, ages from 47 to 75. She has lived a hard life of washing clothes on a washboard with water drawn from a well or by catching rainwater.

She never had running water in her home ’til the 1950s. She heated that rainwater on a wood stove for her and her children’s baths. Even though we are a big family, we are close. We have since lost two brothers, one in 2017 at age 53 and another one in 2010 at age 72. We try to stay in touch and always get together at Christmas every year. Our parents were good to us. Daddy worked hard to keep us nine children fed and clothed. Mom taught us to love, forgive, and most of all, to pray. She prayed for each one of us every night before bedtime. We lost dad in 2004 at age 78 and lost mom in 2014 at age 92.

Sandra Ryder, Granite Falls. A member of Blue Ridge Energy

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