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Starstruck Daughter

Starstruck Daughter

Above is a picture of my momma and daddy taken in the mid-1960s. To the left of Momma is my daddy, with a fellow band member on the right. They were born and raised in Swain County, North Carolina. They moved to Florida after marrying. Daddy started at Highway Southern College, where he graduated in carpentry, while Momma remained a housewife. They were able to get away together on Saturday nights and both were soon recognized for their musical talents. Momma sang and played guitar while Daddy played bass fiddle. They were soon hired to play gigs in juke joints playing country music, which gave them extra income at doing something they both loved.

Later, Momma was offered a contract in country music, but for reasons of her own, she declined. Everyone believed she was the next Loretta Lynn. They continued playing at birthday parties, neighborhood social events and family get-togethers.

I remember sitting on the floor staring up at them as they played, looking and sounding like real country music stars. I was so proud, so starstruck, in awe. Wonderful, happy memories that I cherish.

Patricia Rich, Star, a member of Randolph EMC

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