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Don’t Waste Your Cash this Holiday Season

Five ways to save money when holiday shopping

By Rue Reynold

Don’t Waste Your Cash this Holiday Season

The season of celebrating joy, family and heritage is right around the corner, but for some would-be shoppers, the holidays can be a stressful time. Here are five tips to help you conquer the horrors of holiday shopping and save money in the process.

1. Shop refurbished. Opting for a used item rather than a brand new one sounds cheap, but can actually be the best deal. Refurbished products are thoroughly tested and brought to a “like new” state before being put on sale. They also often come with reasonable warranties or trade-in offers, just in case anything goes wrong.

2. Consider post-holiday shopping. The prices of some products are sometimes raised to take advantage of the holiday season. If you and your loved ones don’t mind giving or receiving gifts after the formal celebrations are over, try shopping once prices have been discounted or reduced to normal.

3. Don’t forget the discounts. Whether it’s coupons, clearance or holiday sales, discounts can be found everywhere. Be sure to look at your options and whether any sales might be coming up before buying something at full price.

4. Be an early bird. Make a list and check it twice for the things you need to buy and where you can find them at the best price. Consider the location, any sales that might be coming up and plan accordingly.

5. Check out local community listings. Sometimes priceless treasures are found right in your neighborhood at a fraction of the original cost — or even for free. Look at yard sales and community marketplaces to see what you’ll find.

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