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Fitness Tips for Seniors

Stay active in your home with online workouts

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Fitness Tips for Seniors

Seniors, especially those who don’t drive or who prefer to stay in their homes, may feel challenged in figuring out how to stay motivated or participate in a workout class if they can’t get there. Fortunately, nowadays there are many online options where they can attend a workout with a qualified instructor.

For example, the free exercise classes offered through the Silver&Fit® program cater to senior fitness. Its half-hour classes include videos on strength/bodyweight, yoga, dance, tai chi, mixed formats, and flexibility and balance, at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The classes premiere Monday through Saturday, and can also be watched later. People can view them at or

Dr. Jaynie Bjornaraa, PhD., MPH, PT, and AVP of Digital Fitness Solutions with the Silver&Fit® program, shared four tips for choosing an online class:

1Find a class tailored to your fitness level
There’s nothing more discouraging than trying to follow a fitness instructor who’s doing movements at a speed you can’t keep up with. If you’re just starting out, find beginner classes offering a lower level of intensity. As your fitness improves, add intermediate-level classes. Older adults should seek instructors who specialize in the specific needs of your age group, such as maintaining and building muscle, maintaining flexibility, and improving balance.

2Look for credentials
There are thousands of instructors teaching classes on social media or fitness websites, but the wrong instructor can result in injury or a bad experience. Top instructors may have certifications such as Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, or others. Such certifications are earned through organizations such as the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

3Select an instructor who motivates you
Data shows that 50 percent of sedentary people who start a new exercise program drop out after six months. An instructor who inspires you is key to your success. Top factors to look for include enthusiasm and encouragement, a “real” personality, music you like, and a sense of community. If your online community allows for commenting, share your fitness goals with the group to get additional encouragement.

4Find classes that work with your routine
Are you more likely to stick with an 8 a.m. class, a noon class, or an end-of-day class? Finding a time that best suits your schedule increases your chances of sticking with a new program.

Even if you’re not ready to take the big plunge to a 30-minute class today, just get going. Try 10 minutes of exercise and work up to your goals. Just getting started will give you a sense of accomplishment and can eventually result in real health improvements. As always, before you start any new exercise routine, talk with your doctor.

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