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Food for Fueling School Days

Egg-cellent fare will get kids cracking


Food for Fueling School Days

Affordable and easy to prepare, eggs are a key ingredient for successful days in the classroom. They keep kids full and energized to conquer school days.

As one of the only foods that naturally have vitamin D, eggs offer a nutrient critical for building strong bones. Eggs also help the body absorb nutrients like vitamin E and carotenoids that are found in plant foods, making them a perfect partner for veggies.

Additionally, they’re one of the best sources of choline, critical for brain health and development at every age and stage.

What’s more, between learning and down time, many kids spend a lot of hours in front of electronic screens. The lutein and zeaxanthin found in egg yolks can help protect their eyes from harmful blue light.

These recipes are easy to prepare ahead of time. To find additional egg recipes, search #ProteinPrepSchool on social media or visit

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