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Money-Saving Tips Before Saying “I Do” to Wedding Plans

Five ways to bring wedding bliss to your wallet

By Rue Reynold

Money-Saving Tips Before  Saying “I Do” to Wedding Plans

Planning a wedding is exciting, but with the average cost going up, it can be financially stressful. However, trimming costs and being mindful of your budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your dream wedding. Here are five ways to have a memorable wedding day without breaking the bank.

Weekdays instead of weekends Weekends are usually the safest bet when it comes to guest availability, but the same isn’t always true for the actual wedding process. Because the weekend is such a hot spot, the likelihood of securing a venue and vendors on a particular date lower, while the costs shoot straight up as many fight for a timeslot. Instead, consider a weekday wedding where prices are often lowest starting on Monday and gradually increase closer to the weekend. Don’t forget to tell guests long in advance so they’ll have time to make plans to attend.

2Deals, sales and discount In addition to seasonal sales and off-season discounts, many boutiques offer combo deals (like buy a dress and get the veil half-off). Venue costs also often increase during peak wedding season, so try to move your wedding to an “off-peak” date to catch the best price. Don’t forget to visit your local bakeries, florists and restaurants to look at money-saving options you may not have considered before, such as opting for carnations and baby’s breath instead of roses, or finding out what day of the week may get a lower price from caterers.

3 Convert venue décor into reception décor The larger the quantity, the higher the overall costs. If the theme, color scheme and general décor is similar between the ceremony’s venue and reception area, then consider repurposing the flowers, chairs, fabrics and other decorations used in the ceremony for the reception. You may have to pay a moving fee, but it often costs less than buying double the décor or furniture.

4 Ditch the expensive glass Florists often charge extra for accompanying glass vases to your bouquets, so to avoid the dent in your wallet, consider purchasing glassware elsewhere, such as dollar stores. There are many varieties out there for size and shape. Your guests will likely not notice the difference between “cheap” and “expensive” glass, and you’d be surprised how much you can save by opting to provide your own vases.

5 Hire up-and-coming professionals You might hire professional photographers, videographers, musicians or hair and makeup artists because you want the wedding to be perfect, but you can often get the same quality for much less by giving new professionals or recent graduates a chance. These people often charge less than their seasoned competitors because they’re looking to build a following, business, reputation and credibility. They’ll do everything in their power to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch so they can brag about it in their portfolio. It’s a win-win.

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