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A Word About Halifax EMC by Tucker Lemley, Chief Executive Officer April 2024
A Word About Halifax EMC by Tucker Lemley, Chief Executive Officer
April 2024

One of my favorite cooperative events is just over a month away—the annual meeting! It is an opportunity for members to interact face-to-face with the board of directors and cooperative employees; whether to ask questions or provide feedback directly to cooperative leadership. You, the members we serve, always bring value to the discussion, and I know our co-op team is energized by these interactions.

Tucker Lemley

Tucker Lemley

If you’ve never attended the annual meeting, I’d encourage you to participate. Why? Because input from members like you matters and helps drive the direction of the co-op.

At the annual meeting, we report on current initiatives, highlight achievements, and discuss the financial health and priorities for the coming years. And equally important, this is an opportunity for Halifax EMC to hear from you.

Leading up to annual meeting is also the time to vote for directors who will represent you and our community’s interests in the co-op. As a member of Halifax EMC, you have the power to help shape our community’s energy future.

Cooperatives around the world operate according to the same set of core principles and values and these principles are a key reason that electric cooperatives operate differently from other electric utilities, putting the needs of their members first. One of those principles is that we are democratically controlled by the members we serve, meaning you have a say in who governs our co-op. Each member has a vote regardless of your investment in Halifax EMC. By voting in the annual director election, you can weigh in on the leaders who will make important decisions about the future of the cooperative and our local energy needs. Halifax EMC’s Board of Directors are community-minded individuals with different skill sets. We rely on them to help us make more informed decisions on long-term priorities and investments.

Halifax EMC has nine directors who live in the co-op’s service area. We consider them the eyes and ears of the community because they provide their unique perspective on various local issues.

The following are candidates for the 2024 director election. The names are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.

  • District 1: Frederick Dunn
  • District 2: Basil Williams
  • District 8 At-large: Sanders Cox & Donald Craft

We want to make voting as convenient as possible for our members, so we offer mail-in balloting. Simply cast your vote and use the provided pre-paid postage envelope to mail-in or drop off at the Enfield or Macon office. Ballots will be mailed to members on April 23 and the deadline to return them is 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15.

If you’ve never been to an annual meeting or it’s been a while, we hope you’ll stop by on Saturday, May 18. Join us for food, entertainment by The Mills Family, door prizes and more. All members who attend the event receive a goody bag and will be entered in a drawing for a door prize.

Your Halifax EMC team will be ready to answer any energy-related questions you may have, from electric vehicle options to ways to manage your home energy use. We look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting on Saturday, May 18. Doors open and registration begins at 9:30 a.m.

Let's go to the annual meeting!

Halifax EMC’s 85th Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 13723 NC Highway 481, Enfield, NC 27823.

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