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April 2023

National Linemen Appreciation Day is April 18. Pee Dee Electric would like to express our utmost appreciation to our dedicated linemen who work hard to keep our power on.

Pee Dee Electric's linemen provide an essential service. They install and maintain overhead and underground power lines that keep electricity flowing and remain on-call and ready to respond in the event that severe storms or other circumstances cause power outages.

Our linemen work with high-voltage electricity, often at great heights, in all kinds of weather conditions. Maintaining the power grid is physically demanding. To become proficient, linemen go through a technical training program and learn on the job as an apprentice under the careful eye of seasoned linemen who have earned journeyman status.

Did You Know?

  • Linemen spend numerous hours in safety training each year and must understand and apply crucial safety regulations.
  • Protective clothing is required to shield linemen because they work around high voltages. Collectively, gear components can weigh up to 45 pounds.
  • Linemen usually use bucket trucks to raise themselves to the top of structures. However, occasionally, they climb poles when necessary and use specialized safety equipment to keep them from falling.

Linemen Are Responsible For:

  • Identifying defective devices, voltage regulators, transformers and switches.
  • Inspecting and testing power lines and auxiliary equipment.
  • Installing power lines between poles and buildings.
  • Climbing poles and using truck-mounted buckets to access equipment.
  • Operating power equipment when installing and repairing poles and lines.
  • Knowing and implementing safety standards and procedures.

When an outage is reported, crews are dispatched to assess the situation, identify the cause, and make repairs as safely and quickly as possible. Storms and other natural disasters cause extensive damage to power lines. They can be dangerous and happen at any time. In many cases, the linemen responding to outages are someone's husband, father, brother or son. Pee Dee Electric is thankful for our linemen who selflessly sacrifice time away from their families to work to keep the power flowing to members — no matter the day, no matter the time.

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