Pee Dee Electric Donates Fire Extinguishers to Richmond Senior High - Carolina Country
April 2023

Pee Dee Electric donates “out of service” fire extinguishers to Richmond Senior High's Career and Technical Education Program.

At Pee Dee Electric, we always strive to keep our emergency equipment in pristine condition and in the best shape possible, so we are prepared in the event of a real emergency.

As a result of inspections over the years, the co-op has compiled an inventory of fire extinguishers that are still in working condition but either have old labels, rust or other visual flaws. This inventory was recently donated for training purposes to further the education of students enrolled in Victor McCaskill's Firefighter Technology class at Richmond Senior High School.

“Some of these have been used for fire extinguisher training here at Pee Dee Electric. When we heard that there was a need for some of our ‘out of service’ fire extinguishers for training purposes at Richmond High School Fire Technology Program, we wanted to help out,” stated Dustin Marsh, Pee Dee Electric's safety coordinator.

“Students in this program will become part of the wonderful community of first responders that we have in our service area, and we always want to help them, as we all depend on them daily to help keep us safe when an emergency arises.”

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