Electrical Safety Seminars for First Responders - Carolina Country
June 2023

Training at Richmond County Rescue

Did you know Pee Dee Electric offers electrical safety seminars to local first responders? When it comes to electricity, knowing what is safe and what isn’t could mean the difference between life and death—not just for the victims or bystanders—but also for the first responders.

At Pee Dee Electric, we care about our community and want to be here to support first responders in safely handling electrical hazards. First responders are responsible for making good decisions quickly in emergencies and knowing what to do when they arrive on the scene. Responding to an emergency unprepared to handle an electrical hazard can delay life-saving care and threaten the lives of first responders and members of the rural communities we serve.

Pee Dee Electric’s electrical safety seminars are designed as supplemental training to prepare first responders to recognize electrical hazards. The seminar includes what to look for when assessing the scene, identifying potential and existing electrical hazards, and securing the scene in the event of downed lines and incidents involving electric vehicles, solar panels, and more.

Congratulations to the following departments for completing Pee Dee Electric’s first Electrical Safety Seminar session: Cordova Fire and Rescue, Derby VFD, Gulledge VFD, Hamlet Fire & Rescue, Hoffman Fire & Rescue, Mountain Creek VFD, Richmond County Rescue Squad, Laurel Hill VFD, Wadesboro VFD, and West End Fire and Rescue.

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Interested in booking a training? Contact Todd Moore, Pee Dee Electric’s Energy Use Advisor, at 704-694-7607 or by emailing the request to tmoore@pdemc.com.

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