REMC Celebrates Members - Carolina Country
October 2023

October is National Co-op Month

Fall is a busy time, and October is a particularly eventful month with school, community and sports activities in full swing. It’s also when all cooperatives celebrate National Co-op Month.

When Randolph EMC celebrates Co-op Month, we are really celebrating you! After all, our co-op wouldn’t exist without you, our members.

Focused on You

During October, Randolph Electric local offices will have coffee, sweet treats and prizes for our members. Come see us in Asheboro or Robbins to enjoy this time of celebrating our members. While you’re here, register to win prizes and let us know of any energy-related services you need.

Concern for Community

Our core business purpose is to serve as your electricity provider, but the larger mission of the co-op is to help make our corner of the world a better place. “Concern for community” is one of seven guiding principles that all co-ops share.

Just as our wires run through our service territory, our concern for community flows through all our decisions—because being a co-op means being a responsible partner and good neighbor.

You are invited!

You are invited to the Asheboro & Robbins offices in the month of October for coffee and prizes. It's our way of saying, "Thanks for being a valued member-owner!"


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