Youth Tour Winner Alex Scruggs - Carolina Country
Honor awarded to Southwestern Randolph High School student August 2020
Honor awarded to Southwestern Randolph High School student
August 2020

Each summer 1,600 of our nation’s brightest students converge on Washington, D.C., for a week of learning about American history and the electric cooperative business model. These students are part of the Youth Tour, an educational program sponsored by America’s electric cooperatives.

This year Randolph EMC awarded the honor to Alex Scruggs, a Southwestern Randolph High School student. Alex’s outstanding essay, Eagle Scout achievement and 4.4 GPA made him an easy choice for this enriching experience. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly delayed Alex’s tour, we are proud to introduce Alex, in his own words, to our members and to honor him for his many accomplishments.

Why I wanted to join the Youth Tour…

I wanted to meet people who are like me from across the state and nation.

The federal issue that gets my attention…

I’m interested in how humans impact their environment and the effects of agriculture – for instance, water runoff from farms. I’m interested in learning if water purification in rural areas is as sophisticated as the process is in the big cities.

What I would say to a lawmaker if given the opportunity…

I’d ask him to be fully informed on these issues and I’d present him with information so he can make educated decisions on the matter. I’d ask if he understands the potential risks from these practices.

In college, I want to study…

I want to be an electrical engineer. I have really taken an interest in STEM: math, physics and science. As a kid, I liked to play with snap circuits. Wiring lights – I think that’s fun.

The leadership activity most worthwhile for me…

Boy Scouts has taught me how to interact with people, to achieve a common goal, to meet friends, to go out in the wilderness, to see who you are, and to develop from a child into a young adult.

How I conducted my Eagle Scout project…

I led 10 workers from the troop and some others in pressure washing and beautifying the concession stand for Uwharrie Ridge 6-12 public school. We removed wasp nests, spread out new gravel, and painted the school colors on the wooden building.

How I and other young people can make this world a better place…

By being educated and making educated decisions. Young people should not just listen to what other people tell them, but they need to detect bias, interpret the information, and read through it.

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Randolph EMC is proud to support the future leaders of our community through several youth programs, including Sports Camp scholarships, Bright Ideas classroom grants and the annual Youth Tour to Washington, D.C.

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