Is PrePay Power Right for You? - Carolina Country
January 2024

Our pay as you go payment system offers a variety of advantages:

  • You pay for power in advance of when you need it.
  • You choose when and how much to purchase.
  • There’s no monthly bill or deposit; you always know how much you’re spending on electricity.
  • It’s easy to add money to your account any time of day or night; through the free SmartHub app, by calling the automated payment system, or at a Bill Payment Terminal.
  • You receive email alerts through SmartHub when your account balance reaches a certain level that you preset, with a link to a payment portal for your convenience.

Learn more ways to save

Sign up for Pre-Pay Power by calling (800) 842-5871 or visiting one of our offices. For more ways to lower your power bill, check out our resources online.

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