Employee Spotlight: Danny Fulford - Carolina Country
February 2024
Danny Fulford and family

Danny Fulford (top right) with his family.

Danny started his career with BEMC in 2000 as a Control Center Technician and is currently serving as Supervisor of GIS. His department ensures the accurate mapping of lines and equipment, so power can be restored as quickly as possible during hurricanes and other outage events.

What are your priorities, other than work?

Definitely my family. My beautiful wife, Amy, and my two children. Wyatt is 18, going to Brunswick Community College and studying HVAC while working for a heating and air company; he’ll be getting his First Class license this spring. We love to play Call of Duty together, even though he takes it a lot more seriously than I do. Kaitlyn is 16 and just learning how to drive – and is seriously responsible for some new gray hairs in my beard. She’s been dancing since she was 3, and has studied contemporary, jazz and hip hop, but the constant has been ballet. They’re great kids.

How did you and Amy meet?

I knew Amy’s brother in high school, and had seen her on campus off and on, but we didn’t hang out in the same circles. I hadn’t seen her in years, and one day went into the grocery store where she was working and recognized her. I couldn’t help myself and asked her out on the spot. She said yes, and after the first date, I was on my way home and I said to myself “I’m going to marry that girl.” The rest is history. She’s my person.

What are some of the things you like to do for fun?

Take off! Amy and I like to go on impromptu road trips, where we just get in the car and wind up somewhere fun for the day. It gives us a chance to talk, without chores, or projects to work on. We do plan some trips, though. One year, she surprised me with a trip to Comic Con in Raleigh, because she knew I used to collect comic books. I’m a big fan of the classics, like Captain America. Anyway, she ended up discovering her inner nerd, and had a way better time than she expected to! Now it’s an annual tradition that we both really look forward to.

Fun fact

“We raise chickens and give away the eggs. We have 34, and thanks to my wife and daughter, most of them have names. It’s just fun."

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