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March 2024

Members can apply for Weatherization Loans up to $10,000 for energy efficiency projects, at 5% interest and with terms up to five years. Payments are then included with your electric bill.

Want to Apply?

If you’ve been considering an energy efficiency project, whether it’s DIY or one that requires a licensed professional, a Weatherization Loan can help with funding. has a list of energy efficiency ideas for you to consider. Eligible projects include new heat pumps with a minimum 15 SEER rating, new electric or solar water heaters, ENERGY STAR replacement windows and doors, insulation of all types, and duct repair or replacement. 

If you own your home served by the cooperative, receive a monthly electric bill and have two years of service with a good payment history, the loan process is simple.

  • Choose a contractor (must be licensed for heat pump installation)
  • Obtain cost estimates
  • Complete an application at any BEMC office or at

You will be notified of the status of your application within 24 hours. Call 800-842-5871 with any questions. We’re happy to help!


Brunswick Electric Member: Patty Lucyk

“My house is 30 years old and had the original HVAC unit that was hardly working. I’m on a fixed income, so I kept putting off getting a new unit by using a gas log fireplace and space heaters to stay warm. Finally, last June, during a 90-degree plus streak, the air conditioning stopped working, and my room air conditioners couldn’t cut it. Someone told me about BEMC’s Weatherization Loan program, so I called.

The Energy Solutions Department at BEMC was so friendly and professional, and made the application process simple for me. I realized that I actually could get a new HVAC unit at a rate I could afford! A local, licensed heating and air contractor found me one for under the $10,000 allowed, and because the approval process was so quick, I had everything installed, including a smart thermostat, in weeks. I couldn’t be happier, and it’s made such a difference in my life. I recommend the Weatherization Loan program to anyone, it’s a great benefit of being a member of the co-op!”

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