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June 2022

The official first day of summer is around the corner. Even though it’s not officially summer yet, you have probably been running your air conditioner for a while.

The recommended thermostat setting during hotter months is 78 degrees. The fan setting on the thermostat should be set to auto. When it is extremely hot and humid, it is very tempting to reduce the air conditioner setting to cool off. Next time you want to do this, try a fan instead.

Ceiling fans were designed to cool people and not rooms. Running a ceiling fan will not lower the room temperature. Ceiling fans can help people feel cooler by moving the cooler air across your skin. It will help evaporate sweat at a faster rate. If you keep you thermostat on the normal setting you always do and run the ceiling fan more, it can actually make your bill go up. What you want to do is try raising the thermostat a few degrees when running the ceiling fan. By raising the thermostat a few degrees and running the fan, you can help lessen the run time on you air conditioner and still be comfortable in your home. This can lower your demand on those hot summer days. If there are rooms in the house that nobody is in with a ceiling fan, make sure it is off.

During the summer months, make sure the fan operates in a counterclockwise motion.

If you are looking to install or replace a ceiling fan in your home, look for a ceiling fan with an Energy Star® rating to help with efficiency operation.

If possible, you can install a ceiling fan in every room that needs cooling during the hot and humid months. Make sure the ceiling is at least eight feet in height because fans work best when they are 7 to 9 feet from the floor and 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling. Also buy an appropriate-sized fan for the size of the room.

If you are unable to install a ceiling fan, you can purchase a portable fan to give you the same wind-chill effect. You may also save some money from buying a smaller portable fan versus a ceiling fan. The same rules apply to a portable fan as a ceiling fan. If you have ceiling fans in your home already, this is a no cost solution for you to try to save some money and energy.

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