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August 2022

As a not-for-profit utility, we give money back! We don’t have stockholders. We aren’t a sole proprietorship. What we are is a Cooperative, which means that we are owned by each person who has an electric account with our company.

That’s you, you're part of something special—you’re a member.

So, at the end of each year, after all bills are paid, any remaining amount, called margins, is allocated to be refunded to members as capital credits.

Once we completed our audit for 2021, the allocation of the margins was made. Our end-of-year margins totaled $13,365,613.55 or 0.1346382095 percent of revenues.

What does this mean to you? If your electric bills in 2021 totaled $1,000, then you would be earmarked to receive a refund of $134.63. The refund will be returned as $26.93 in November and the remaining $107.70 in 19 years. The amount that is retained for 19 years is used as operating capital by the Cooperative.

Capital credits are typically retired in November. Members whose refund is less than $100 will receive a bill credit. Members whose refund is $100 or greater will receive a check.

You can trust that we are always looking out for you, whether it’s in our daily work or refunding your money. We are all in this together.

Think you have an unclaimed capital credit refund?

If you think you, or a family member, might have an unclaimed capital credit refund, visit and see if your name appears on the list. If so, download the claim form and submit it to our office.

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