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Electricity and the fuels used to generate it have become a hot topic October 2023
Electricity and the fuels used to generate it have become a hot topic
October 2023

South River EMC, as well as electric cooperatives across the state, are continuously working toward a more sustainable future.

The graphic at right shows the power diversity of the cooperatives of North Carolina, including South River EMC.

The largest portion of our electricity comes from emission-free nuclear generation. This type of generation is reliable, safe and affordable.

In fact, 25 of North Carolina's electric cooperatives have an over 60 percent ownership in Catawba nuclear station unit one.

Natural gas generation is next because of its availability to be dispatched quickly when needed. We have a roughly 13 percent share of a 750-megawatt combined-cycle natural gas plant, as well as ownership and operation of two natural gas peak generating plants that provide a combined capacity of 690 megawatts.

Next is the purchased part of our portfolio, which is power we purchase through wholesale energy suppliers.

Roughly eight percent of our fuel mix is currently from renewable energy, along with an additional two percent from hydro power.

Coal is at only seven percent. The goal is to go net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and we are well on the way to that.

Our goal is to provide affordable and reliable electricity to members. We do so with this diversified fuel mix and will continue to explore alternate options, as well as working on options for battery storage.

In addition to our clean-fuel mix, South River EMC has joined with 24 of North Carolina’s electric cooperatives in announcing expanded efforts to build a brighter future for our members and communities across the state.

Recognizing and supporting the priorities of our members, we are launching new efforts to preserve the reliability and affordability of electricity while also achieving important sustainability goals. Specifically, South River EMC and the state’s other electric cooperatives are working together to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 with an interim goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50 percent from 2005 levels by 2030. By coordinating new and existing resources and implementing innovative services for our members, we are creating a modern electric grid that is more flexible, resilient and capable of supporting new energy solutions and the growing needs of local communities.

Beyond providing reliable, affordable and sustainable power, our commitment to building a brighter future extends to enriching local communities through economic development, education initiatives and community support that will help bridge our state’s urban/rural divide. A few examples of this include our work with the agricultural microgrid at Butler Farms, along with our efforts in programs, which help manage demand for power and keep costs down for everyone, and the Advise Guys, a dedicated team that provides South River EMC members input and advice regarding energy-saving measures.

A Brighter Future for you

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