Nominating Committee Appointed - Carolina Country
November 2023

South River EMC is already considering options for the 2024 Annual Meeting of Members. At a meeting of the Cooperative board of directors, the nominating committee was appointed in accordance with the Cooperative bylaws.

This committee, made up of a representative from each of the directorate districts, will make recommendations for directors from districts 3, 5 and 7.

Anyone interested in running for a seat in any of the districts up for election in 2024 can contact any member of the committee by December 29, 2023 or send an email.

Members can also be placed on the ballot by submitting an authorized petition form 40 business days prior to the annual meeting on April 25, 2024. The petition must include the full name of the member and the district they wish to represent.

The petition must also contain the printed names, addresses, telephone numbers and signatures of at least 100 official South River EMC members.

Need a petition form?

Anyone interested in obtaining an authorized petition form should contact Barbara West-Lee at 910-230-2966 or online.

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