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December 2023

South River EMC has recently completed its quarterly member-wide customer satisfaction survey.

Member's responses were sent to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®), a company that measures customer satisfaction across multiple industries throughout the entire United States.

It is a national indicator of the quality of goods and services as experienced by consumers of those goods or services. Who better to rate those items than those who have experienced them?

The Cooperative has been assessing itself in this manner for years and we are very excited about what recent surveys have shown.

For 2023, South River EMC received an ACSI score of "90" in Quarter 1, and“89” in Quarters 2 and 3, out of a maximum score of “100”.

South River EMC's score is higher than all publicly measured investor-owned utility, cooperative utility scores, municipal utility scores, and places South River EMC 17-18 points higher than the average investor-owned utility score of 72, as well as 18-19 points higher than the municipal utilities score of 71 per the industry ratings in the 2023 ACSI Utility Sector Report.

We thank you for your participation in the surveying as it tells us not only what we are doing right, but areas in which we need to improve.

[1] Results based on data provided by South River EMC, collected between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30, 2023. ACSI did not regulate the survey administration or sample size. ACSI is a registered trademark of the American Customer Satisfaction Index LLC. ACSI and its logo are registered trademarks of the American Customer Satisfaction Index LLC.

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