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Seasonal tips from our gardening expert

Beneficial companions

Plants thrive by being near each other

Potato planting time

Plus garden to do's for February

A colorful roof for all seasons

Native mosses on this roof tolerate full sun, weather extremes and control storm water runoff

Sting fire ants before they sting you

Methods — chemical and non-chemical — for controlling fire ants

Vertical gardening

Use upward space to grow your edibles

Poinsettia pointers

Plus garden to do's for December & January

Old peonies for new gardens

Plus garden to do’s for August & September

Two-Minute Tomatology

Plus garden to do’s for June & July

Farm Fresh

The advantages of buying local foods

Using trellises

Decorative and functional

Pyracantha: autumn fire

Plus garden to do's for October & November

Boosting curb appeal

Start from the ground up when enhancing your home

Okra: Edible and Ornamental

Plus garden to do’s for April & May

Bees, Birds & Other Beasts

How to make your yard attractive to wildlife