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Seasonal tips from our gardening expert

Crocosmia: A Summer Sizzler

Plus Garden To Do’s for April

Deer Me! What’s Eating Your Landscape?

Try these three methods to keep your yard off the menu

Tips for the New Gardener

Gardening experts offer their thoughts on design

The ‘Other Bulbs’

Expand your horizons with these uncommon beauties


Delight of the night

Born in the USA: Native Wisterias

Plus Garden To Do’s for March

Keep Your Feeder for the Birds

Safe and humane ways to encourage uninvited guest to leave the seeds for the birds

Creating Your Own Herb Vinegars

Plus Garden To-Do's for August and September

Made for the shade

Japanese painted fern

Great Garden Photos

The best of our reader-submitted garden photos and stories

Planting for Pollinators

Go native to attract these garden assets

Chinese Evergreen Aglow

Plus Garden To Do’s for December and January

New Books for Your Reading Pleasure

Plus Garden To-Do's for June and July