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Seasonal tips from our gardening expert

The Great Pumpkin!

Plus garden to do's for October & November

How to identify tree hazards

Recognizing basic hazards in your trees can protect you and others from loss

Sing a song of Solomon’s seal

Plus garden to do's for April & May

Ode to the oakleaf

A showy hydrangea plus March gardening tips

Beneficial companions

Plants thrive by being near each other


The pop and a burst of juice make muscadines one of the traditional treats of late summer

Color your world with sun coleus

Plus garden to do's for June & July

Any way you slice it

Nothing beats a North Carolina-grown tomato

Vertical gardening

Use upward space to grow your edibles

Save those seeds!

Plus garden to do's for August & September

Growing a nutritional garden

Top 10 plants that pack a vitamin and mineral punch

‘Global warming’

Gazing globes grace gardens in unusual ways

Using trellises

Decorative and functional