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Carolina Gardens

Seasonal tips from our gardening expert

Okra: Edible and Ornamental

Plus garden to do’s for April & May

Bees, Birds & Other Beasts

How to make your yard attractive to wildlife

Black Gold

Turn scraps and yard waste into useful compost

Water, Water Everywhere

How water features can enhance your landscape

Farm Marketing Co-ops

How co-ops use the Internet to spread fresh food to cities and wealth to farming communities

Keeping Honey Bees Abuzz

You can help protect and proliferate these essential insects

Grasses Are More Than Green

There are many pretty ornamental grasses that are easy to love

Seeding in fall helps heat-damaged yards

With some time, patience and work, you can get your yard back in order

Farm Fresh

The advantages of buying local foods

Sap’s Rising

North Carolina maple syrup makers tap a niche market

Plant Once, Eat for Years

Using perennial fruits and vegetables in your garden

For the Birds

The simplest thing you can do to help protect birds is to keep your cats indoors

Plant swaps

We all love the word “free”! It’s an especially wonderful word for all gardeners.