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Feeding The Soul

A personal account of overcoming autoimmune pain featuring vegan recipes

Feeding The Soul

Before Tabitha Brown, a North Carolina native, was a vegan foodie on social media sharing recipes and wisdom with millions, she was an aspiring actress, who in 2016 began struggling with undiagnosed chronic autoimmune pain.

Her puzzling condition exhausted and frightened her and several doctors she consulted were unable to find what was wrong. The draining experience made her believe she wouldn’t live to see age 40, until she started listening to what her soul and her body truly needed. In her new book, she shares insights gained from her challenging physical and emotional journey and also sprinkles in several vegan recipes, including Vegan Tuna Melt and Vegan Fried Peaches and Biscuits. Rich with personal stories and inspirational quotes, Tabitha shows readers how to make a life for themselves that is rooted in nonjudgmental kindness and love, both for themselves and for others. Hardcover, 288 pages, $22.39; e-book $14.99, audio file $20.99.


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