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Marine Art

by Corey Giesey

Marine Art

The waters of our coast are teeming with marine life, and Morehead City-based artist Corey Giesey, a member of Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative, has a knack for bringing them to life on the canvas.

Born and raised in southeastern Ohio, a 2011 move with his wife and two boys to the coast reignited a lifelong passion for art. Working mostly with acrylics on canvas, Corey also has experimented with surfboard art, murals and wood carving.

And not all of his subjects are born of his imagination: he’s recently begun painting fish caught by anglers in their natural habitat, as an alternative to mounting a marlin, mahi-mahi or other prized catch above the fireplace.

What drives his growth as an artist? Taking time to paint every day.

Corey Giesey Artworks

Corey's art is also featured in an online auction, through August 6, supporting the NC Coastal Federation.

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