Past Photos of the Week

Every week we highlight another great submission from our annual photo contest

Taken in Henderson—I just love the serenity of this place. —Paul Jemwel Agor, Fayetteville
Right after the final snow of the season last year, Hickory Nut Falls was absolutely breathtaking! I had several tries before getting this awesome shot, not far from our home in Rutherfordton. —Stephanie Hinson, Rutherfordton, Rutherford EMC
My friend Pam Jacobs made a cover for one of her music CD recordings that included these ladies from Waccamaw Siouan Tribe located in the St. James and Buckhead communities of Columbus and Bladen counties. —Hattie Campbell, Lake Waccamaw, Four County EMC
The sad devastation from the wildfire damage around Shortoff Mountain in Burke County adds a sense of haunting beauty to this rewarding hike. This heartbroken tree shows the tragic beauty found within the ruthlessness of nature. —Annie South, Hudson
When I was asked to go on a trip to Cape Hatteras I thought I couldn’t, but I really just wanted to put my toes in the sand. When I got to the beach, I felt so relaxed and I will always remember how beautiful it was. —Laura Ott, Lillington
Beautiful snowy day provides a precious moment for daddy and son. —Bradley Shamblin, Rutherfordton, Rutherford EMC
This photo was taken from my front porch during the
On a chilly rainy November day at Lake Tillery, I took advantage of a small break in the rain and walked down to the dock. The reflection of the sky was so clear in the water that it almost didn't look real! —Felicia Hall, Asheboro
Photo taken in February 2015 in Fires Creek on Fires Creek Wildlife Road in Clay County near Hayesville. —Ann Price, Hayesville, Blue Ridge Mountain EMC
On Thanksgiving Day in 2015, 13 inches of snow fell on the N.C. mountains. Shawn, Kim and their dogs, Merle, Sarah, Leela, Sosa and Cleo explore the early snow at Yellow Mountain Ranch. —Shawn Caldwell, Charlotte, Brunswick EMC
Returning home on Christmas Eve, we decided to stop by Lake Waccamaw. I took this picture of my grandfather walking ahead of me. The peacefulness allowed us to slow down and remember the true meaning of Christmas. —Paige Trotter, Thomasville, EnergyUnited
Taken on the Town of Duck’s boardwalk on the Currituck Sound with my cell phone: A lone cypress at dusk. —Kathleen Brown, Wake Forest, Wake Electric
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