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Past Photos of the Week

Every week we highlight another great submission from our annual photo contest

On my way to my mother’s house in Bunn, this old barn jumped out at me and the yellow swallowtail cooperated. It was my way of preserving the barn by
New fawns added to our herd. —Bill Belian, Murphy, Blue Ridge Mountain EMC
A pair of bald eagles frequents the trees near our waterfront house. They’re very talkative and active, flying back and forth across the river. One appeared to get scolded for landing on the same branch. —Thomas Snyder, Washington, Tideland EMC
A nest of hungry mockingbird babies lives in our flower bush in the front yard. —Caitlyn Lamere, Elon, Piedmont EMC
We usually see an eastern box turtle in our yard once a year. This tiny one slowly made his way along the side of the house. We enjoy the diversity of wildlife that surrounds us in Carolina country.—Keith Anderson, Wake Forest, Wake Electric
Found this little dude hiding in my rose on my property in Otway. —Janice Copper, Beaufort, Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative
Cara enjoys playing in the fields, picking the local wildflowers and grasses in the warm sunshine. —Andrea Robson, Waxhaw, Union Power Cooperative
Just a beautiful red-winged blackbird. —Tammy Carbone, Dunn
Early one morning, we found this baby owl. We thought it was injured, but it was just a fledgling who had gotten stuck! Big wing span on this little one and it was a thrill to return it to its family! —Kimberly Mayo, Seagrove, Randolph EMC
My friend planted many milkweed plants for monarch caterpillars to continue their cycle of life. Her beautiful monarchs found my butterfly bush and enjoyed sipping nectar on a glorious Carolina day. —Sara Williard, Winston Salem, EnergyUnited
I took this golden-hour photo from the Beaufort waterfront as the sun was setting over Carrot Island. Loved the late afternoon glow of the grazing horse and grass with the passing ship. —Douglas West, Washington, Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative
Seashells from Holden Beach. —Aaren Evans, Shallotte, Brunswick Electric