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Past Photos of the Week

Every week we highlight another great submission from our annual photo contest

These 3 buddies belong to Avery County's Feathers & Fur 4-H Livestock Club. They are presenting their prize chickens at the fair that were part of the 4-H Chick to Chicken Project. —Bobbie Willard, Newland, Blue Ridge Mountain EMC
Our boxer Jack is one of our greatest joys! —Jenny Aldridge, Pink Hill, Piedmont Electric
Sunrise on the farm. —Alison Bullard, Stedman, South River EMC
I just love the natural beauty that this world has to offer. Yes, this state is beautiful any time of the year, but my favorite is by far the fall. The color display the leaves put on is just breathtaking!—Michael Briggs, Fayetteville, South River EMC
End of the day at Wrightsville Beach. —Janet Beal, Leland, Brunswick Electric
Last year, Sunset Beach officers responded to reports of a gator prowling a neighborhood. After slipping a rope around his neck, the 9-foot gator was walked to a nearby lake and has not been seen since. —Speed Hallman, Wadesboro, Brunswick Electric
My newly adopted cats will hide anywhere to get away from the two chihuahuas that are constantly chasing them. This was a perfect spot for Sunshine, in the middle of the greens’ patch! —Sharlyn Lowder, New London, Union Power Cooperative
We were vacationing at the Island Farm in Manteo when we walked over to Roxy the cow and she struck this funny pose for us! —Danielle Hill, Union Mills, Rutherford EMC
Went for a walk on the new Shallotte Riverwalk at sunset. It’s an absolutely beautiful area to relax, calm your mind and enjoy the fresh air. —Shaina Jordan, Ash, Brunswick Electric
We love how dog friendly the Outer Banks is! Our first morning there, I took my dog, Ansley, for a walk on the beach. The sun was in my eyes and Ansley was excited for the ocean and sand! —Alexandra Miles, Matthews, Union Power Cooperative
I have tried for years to photograph the moon rising by the Oak Island Lighthouse. Clouds, rain, family emergencies…but I finally got it. The Pink Full Moon even!—Nick Noble, Southport, Brunswick Electric
My daughter Sadie enjoying a beach day this past summer. —Kelli Williams, Broadway, South River EMC
Scene of my kayaking adventure at Suggs Mill Pond. —Rudy Pait, Tar Heel, Four County EMC
My son and I went to Freedom Park to take pictures to give me experience with my new-found hobby and came across this
This is my sweet little girl Haddie May posing in her grandparents’ fall pumpkin harvest in Avery County. —Savannah Bolick, Elk Park
Bees enjoying our NC Century Farm Pollinator Garden (The Farm at Huckleberry Bay, Tabor City). Pollinators are very important to agriculture and the environment, plus lovely for the eyes and senses. —Myra Godwin, Tabor City, Brunswick Electric
Our church (Snow Hill Church) held a “Friends and Family Day” and my grandson Cage Kornegay sure loved slurping watermelon through a straw! Summertime fun! —Robert B. Kornegay, Mount Olive, Tri-County EMC
I love to take pictures of nature. I grow a flower garden every year so the butterflies and hummingbirds have somewhere to land. —Rebecca Yopp, Bolivia, Brunswick Electric