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Jereann King Johnson

This textile artist has known quilts and quilting as far back as she can remember

Jereann King Johnson

Jereann King Johnson is a textile artist, community activist and founding member of the Heritage Quilters in Warrenton. As part of her work, Jereann mentors Warren County youth, and is working to share the storytelling power of quilting.

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Growing up in Bainbridge, Georgia, under a canopy of live oaks and Spanish moss, Jereann has known quilts and quilting as far back as she can remember. On cold winter nights, her mother would put a quilt or two, and sometimes even three, on her bed. Back then, quilts were for keeping you warm and didn’t carry the broad artistic value they do today. Jereann still sees their use, however. “They still are utilitarian in the sense that they sustain us,” she says, “and they are for a purpose.”

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