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A Courting Letter

A Courting Letter

My grandfather, Powell S. Cooke, wrote the following letter to my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Simmons, about two months before they were married. The letter is dated October 20, 1913, from Mt. Airy. They were married on January 21, 1914. 

Evidently, Grandpa was a pretty fast operator, going from “Miss Mary, Kind Friend,” to being her husband less than two months later! They had seven children, including my mother Nelia Vora. I still live on the farm they lived on and am blessed to be part of this family.

Miss Mary, Kind Friend,
How are you enjoying life, fine I guess, I have just got back from across the mountain. I had a very good time over there and now I am getting ready to go to Winston-Salem with some tobacco. I guess I will start Wednesday. If I do, I will be at your house Saturday. Guess you have forgotten me by this time. 
I have been stripping tobacco and couldn’t get to see you. You don’t know how bad I want to see you. 
I heard from you the other day. I heard you was down at Jane Cain’s and stayed all night.
Guess you went to meeting Sunday. It rained all day up here and I was at home all day and I got so lonesome. I sure wished you could been with me. 
I guess I better close.
From your best friend, Powell

The letter included a short poem:

Remember me in the morning
Remember me at night
Remember me dear sweetheart
And don’t forget to write

Ruth Simmons, Pilot Mountain, a member of Surry-Yadkin EMC

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