May 2018 Table of Contents - Carolina Country

May 2018

This Month’s Issue:

As all of us homeowners know all too well, there’s always something new on the project list. In this issue, we’re offering up some options for that list that could go far in helping your house use energy more efficiently (and trimming monthly bills). If you’re hungry for more, reach out to your local electric co-op — they have an energy expert at the ready to talk through other ways to get your home in top form.

— Scott Gates, editor

Feature Stories

7 Energy Upgrades for a Happier Home

Boost your home’s comfort and cut energy use with these projects

Extending the Harvest for the Hungry

Farmers and volunteers team up to glean extra produce from NC fields

Wrestling Water in Your Landscape (and Winning)

Effective ways to deal with spring showers and summer storms