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My grandfather, Jodie Mann, was a Haywood County landowner and farmer in the early 1900s. He owned land on Highway 110 as well as large tracks of land in the Willis Cove/Hominy area and Worley Cove. 

This photo from Spring 1925 was taken on the Highway 110/Center Pigeon property in Canton. Jodie stands far left and his son, Fred (age 10), sits in the tractor seat. Not pictured is his son Thomas Mann (age 14 at the time), my father. The two Ford dealer representatives and the driver are unidentified. The Fordson kerosine-powered tractor pictured was one of the first used in this part of the county. Note the hand crank starter mechanism at the front of the tractor.

Six of Jodie’s seven children would build homes, raise families and farm on property from Jodie’s estate. Thomas and Edith Mann would raise three sons, Troy, Robert (me) and Gary, on this inherited property. 

Robert Mann, Cruso, a member of Haywood EMC

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