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To place classified ads in our magazine, complete this online form and pay by credit card. If you'd like to pay by check, fill out and print this form (PDF format). See our guidelines below.

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Classified ads cost $2 per word x number of months. $20 minimum per ad per month, 75-word maximum.

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For publication in Carolina Country magazine, send your ad to us by the 25th of the month (e.g., June ad due April 25, approximately 5 weeks before publication).

Orders received after deadline will be published in the following issue.

Costs & Word Limitations

  • For Carolina Country magazine: $2 per word ($20 minimum per ad per month). Maximum of 75 words.
  • Every word counts, including "a" or "the." A phone number counts as one word (please enter these as 555-555-5555, NOT (555) 555-5555). A Web site address counts as one word.
  • Payment must accompany order. We accept Visa®, MasterCard® or American Express® or make checks payable to "Carolina Country."
  • No refunds. No discounts.

Ads That Reoccur Monthly

If you'd like to repeat the same ad for a number of months, we can set you up. You'll need to use a credit card for payment.

To learn more, call Jenny Lloyd toll-free at (800) 662-8835, ext. 3091.

How to Send

Use our online form to compose your ad and pay by credit card.

You can also fill out and print this form (PDF format) if you'd like to pay by check. Mail the ad information and check (payable to "Carolina Country") to: Carolina Country Classifieds, P.O. Box 27306, Raleigh, NC 27611-7306.

Classified ads will not be accepted by phone.

Other Guidelines

  • Limit 2 ads per month per advertiser.
  • Ads accepted on a space-available basis.
  • First-column line printed in uppercase.
  • No "personals" accepted.

For More Information

To learn more, call Jenny Lloyd toll-free at (800) 662-8835, ext. 3091.