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Past Photos of the Week

Every week we highlight another great submission from our annual photo contest

“Well, it just wouldn’t be NC without snakes! I cut this harmless racer out of some garden netting which can be a death sentence. Luckily, a lot of people find the snakes & give me a call in time!”—Stacy Schenkel, Hillsborough, Piedmont Electric
“The Milky Way spilled across the sky at Doughton Park off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in  Alleghany County. It was a perfect moonless night so the stars could shine!”—Leslie Restivo, Vilas, Blue Ridge Mountain EMC #photooftheweek
“Sunrise in Sunset Beach over the Intracoastal Waterway—a different view!
“I live on 5 acres in Iredell County, tucked down an ol’ dirt road. Sometimes I get to witness this—the sun setting over a 200-year-old oak tree while the cows graze. It's why I live in NC.” —Melanie Salzman, Mooresville, EnergyUnited
Our pet cow Belle was craving attention so my grandson Asher gave her a sweet hug. I think it made his day as much as it made ours! She is a gentle giant. —Cindy Clayton, Richfield, Union Power Cooperative
“My fur baby Whiskers loves to peer out of the window in my bathroom. I noticed the lighting was hitting him just right and ran to grab my camera. This is one of my favorite pictures of him.”—Danielle Hammond, Hays, Surry-Yadkin EMC