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A Good Read: The World Ends in April

Young adult novel weaves in STEM concepts

A Good Read: The World Ends in April

In this novel recommended for grade levels 3–7, Eleanor Dross knows a thing or two about the end of the world, thanks to her survivalist grandfather. So when she reads about a Harvard scientist’s prediction that an asteroid will strike Earth in April, Eleanor knows her family will be prepared. Her classmates? Not so much. The only friend Eleanor wants to keep safe is Mack, her best friend since kindergarten. But how can they survive the end of the world together if Mack decides to go to a special school for the blind?

One way or another, Eleanor’s world is about to change.

Author Stacy McAnulty, a former mechanical engineer, is the author of several books for young readers that often involve STEM themes. She lives in Kernersville with her three kids, three dogs, and one husband.

(368 pages, hardcover, $15.29)

To learn more about the author or to order the book , visit stacymcanulty.com.

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