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Points of view from our readers and co-op leaders

NC Co-op Assets Pass the Test During Winter Storm

NC electric cooperatives utilized all components of the grid during an extreme weather event

Reliability is Key to a Successful Energy Transition

North Carolina’s electric cooperatives focus on reliability as energy transitions evolve

Broadening Horizons on the 2022 Youth Tour

EnergyUnited’s Madeline Hiteshue represents NC on the 2022 Youth Leadership Council

Energy-Efficient Ideas for Big Impacts

Advanced Energy works with NC electric cooperatives to better the lives of their members

Addressing the Need for Rural Healthcare

Electric cooperatives are helping rural healthcare facilities and first responders overcome challenges not seen in urban areas

Purposeful Work Through a Cooperative Career

Join electric co-op employees in empowering rural communities

Why Membership Matters

National Co-op Month celebrates electric co-ops and their members

Smart, Deliberate Grid Management

Ensuring reliable and affordable electricity with thoughtful electric grid decisions

A Bright Future for Co-ops and Agriculture

Co-ops and farms have a history of working together, utilizing new technologies

Engaging Policymakers for a Brighter Future

Electric cooperatives are engaging with policymakers to champion issues that matter to rural communities.

Preparing Students for Life After High School

Kenan Fellow Mindy Thornlow is helping students transition into adulthood

Advancing Burn Care in North Carolina and Beyond

North Carolina’s electric co-ops work with Jaycee Burn Center to advance care to burn patients

Reliable, Affordable Power Through Cooperation

TEMA is dedicated to getting co-ops the supplies they need at the lowest possible cost

Cultivating a Culture of Safety

Through everything we do for our members, North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are focused on safety

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Electric co-ops were founded through the concept of working together to improve our communities