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Points of view from our readers and co-op leaders

Volunteer to Make a Difference

Electric co-op employees across the state are proud of the ways  we serve our communities

Meeting Member Needs With Low-Carbon Power

Electric co-ops in North Carolina are national leaders in providing low-carbon power

Safety Tips That Can Save Your Life

Electrical safety is a priority at your co-op – make it so for your family, as well

Building a Brighter Energy Future, Together

National co-op Board President Curtis Wynn outlines his vision for the future

Plugging in to Community

North Carolinians must reconnect with communities to bridge the rural/urban divide

Improving the World, One Patient at a Time

North Carolina’s electrical cooperatives have long supported the NC Jaycee Burn Center at UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill

A Brighter Energy Future for All

Finding more efficient, more cost-effective ways of powering your homes and businesses

A Storied Knife

Reader Bob Edwards has a Buck 110 with a past

An Open Door for Hurricane Victims

Pembroke Hardware went above and beyond to supply a community in need

Finding Inspiration on the NC Youth Tour

UNC's student body president recalls an unforgettable experience

Achieving the Impossible through the Cooperative Spirit

Cooperation Among Cooperatives reenergized communities after Hurricane Florence

Working Cooperatively to Ensure a Secure Grid

Co-ops are working together to protect the grid from hackers

Farming on a Modern Grid

New electric farm equipment can improve efficiency and help reduce costs

Safety is Just a Phone Call Away

Planning to dig? Call NC 811. It could save your life.

Electric Vehicle Battery Life

How long do EV batteries last?