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Benefits of Using Electricity in New Ways

Learn the criteria for ‘beneficial electrification’ at home

Getting You From Point A to Point B

Drive confidently with North Carolina electric cooperatives’ EV charging network

Please Move Over for Roadside Crews

Help give utility crews a work environment that's as safe as possible

Rising to the Challenges of an Unprecedented Year

Electric co-ops are working with members, employees and local groups to help those in need

Protect Your Cyber Health

4 tips to thwart cybercriminals

Educating a Brighter Future

The Bright Ideas Education Grant Program advances excellence in education

Home Improvement, the Safe Way

Safety tips to keep in mind as you tackle DIY projects

Affordability: The Key to a Sustainable Future

If programs and technology aren’t cost-effective, they simply aren’t sustainable

Are You a Co-op Voter?

Every election offers us an opportunity to select the best leaders for our communities

Only Through Pain Do We Grow

Discomfort can lead to great things

Understanding and Preparing for Cyber Threats

Keeping the grid secure is a top, ongoing priority for electric co-ops

Reflections on Two Years of National Service

Outgoing national Board President Curtis Wynn on his transformative experience

Bridging the Digital Divide

Working together to bring broadband to rural areas

Our Time to Shine

Co-ops find new ways to serve members during a trying year

A Powerful Lesson in Unity

How a Youth Tourist learned that perceived differences should not divide us