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Outhouse Races Bring Something Different to the Slopes

Teams to compete at Sapphire Valley Resort’s Great Outhouse Races

Source: VisitSapphireValley

Imagine watching people dressed in crazy outfits, perched on toilet seats in decorated outhouses. Then picture them racing down ski slopes while attempting to stay upright.

Every winter, Sapphire Valley Resort in Jackson County hosts the Great Outhouse Races. Past outhouse themes include “Who Cut the Cheese” and “Redneck Wishing Well.” In case you aren’t privy to the rules, participants make their runs with toilet paper (or alternative wiping resource) at hand and their seats have at least one hole. Team members push the outhouse, while a fellow team member sits inside. Their goal is to flush the competition, but in some cases, it’s enough to just finish.

The 2018 races are set for Saturday, February 17. Admission is free for spectators. For more information, call 828-743-7663 or visit skisapphirevalley.com.

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