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Powering Our Lives: Natural Gas

Why natural gas is an important part of the fuel mix of NC electric cooperatives

Powering Our Lives: Natural Gas

North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation (NCEMC) and the state’s electric cooperatives maintain a diverse power portfolio that includes natural gas-fired generation — a critical part of our fuel mix. But what makes natural gas so important?


Natural gas is reliable.

Natural gas has the flexibility to be dispatched quickly any time, day or night, when power is needed.


Natural gas supports sustainability.

Natural gas’ flexibility makes it easy to ramp up and down to balance intermittent energy sources like solar and wind power, which supports future renewable energy growth.


Natural gas is affordable.

Natural gas is an affordable and domestically sourced energy option that allows electric co-ops to deliver on a promise of providing electricity at the lowest possible cost.

Powering Our Lives

This is the first in a series about what powers our lives — the diverse power portfolio that helps ensure a reliable grid. Future topics will include nuclear power and renewable energy.

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