April 2024 Table of Contents - Carolina Country

April 2024

This Month’s Issue: On the Road Again

In this issue we’re looking at our typical April travel theme through a slightly different lens: music. After all, music and traveling go hand-in-hand, whether it’s a road trip tradition to pull out of the driveway with Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” blaring (that’s mine), or if the music is more of a destination. Learn about the latter as we talk about Appalachian music, what it means for the state and where you can enjoy it live. And are you among those who made it to an Elvis show in the 1950s? Hear from others here. Also, read about how our state’s co-ops were recently represented by an inspiring high school student.

—Scott Gates, editor

Feature Stories

Music to Come Home to

Continuing the traditions of Appalachian music

Burnin’ Love

North Carolina’s love affair with the King of Rock and Roll

By Rail and Water

Travel at a slower pace

The First Ride

Lake life reflections