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Making a Music Room

Don’t play it by ear for electrical needs

By The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Making a Music Room

Typically, sewing or woodworking spring to mind when thinking about a hobby room. But if you are a musician or simply love music, having a space just for musical enjoyment can be very rewarding.

You’ll need to assess electrical needs, says Scott Newnam of Audio Advice in Cary. You may need another outlet installed to avoid long power cables that could cause a tripping hazard. Investing in cable management for computers, monitors, instruments and audio equipment can prevent accidents.

Scott also advised making sure all electrical components are on the same phase of your circuit breaker panel to avoid a ground loop. A ground loop happens when two separate devices are plugged into outlets that ground separately and also connect to each other through a communication cable (for instance, a projector and a computer plugged into different outlets and connected by an HDMI cable). This provides two separate paths for the current to ground and can disrupt images or audio. A ground loop can also lead to device failure.A licensed electrician is best qualified to assess needs and install any additional power features.

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