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5 Easy Treat Recipes for Your Pet

Prepare a spread with these doggone good treats

By Wendy Perry

5 Easy Treat Recipes for Your Pet

We do love our furbabies, and making them homemade treats is one way we can show them how special they are. Although there are some foods they shouldn’t be fed, many “people foods” are just fine for them. And as you will see, some of our recipes can be enjoyed by both dogs and cats.

Sir Bentley Jackson

“Sir Bentley Jackson” bakes his own puppy treats. Photo by Nel Leslie, a member of Blue Ridge Energy

These recipes feature #GotToBeNC goodies like sweet potatoes, honey, all-natural peanut butter, pork, beef, chicken and backyard eggs from a neighbor’s coop. From our coastal region, we couldn’t pass up using delicious Bogue Sound watermelon … and sweet shrimp too!

Pet recipes are simple and just perfect for getting kids in the kitchen for some creative fun. And with the exception of catnip, little people (and big, too) can taste these creations (although you’ll find some to be rather bland).

Disclaimer: Some pets may have health issues or allergies to certain foods. If unsure, we recommend you speak with your veterinarian about any of our recipes or ingredients.

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