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Your Energy

Take control of the energy you use with these tips, programs and trends.

Energy-efficient landscaping

Smart tree placement can lower your electric bill and increase comfort year-round

Home on the range

The energy-efficient way of using cooking appliances

Sealing in savings

How to insulate an attic access cover

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Cooling warm rooms

Home health

How to keep your home happy and healthy

Power in your hands

Co-ops are working to increase reliability and help members manage their costs

Keeping it comfy

Covering your pool reduces heat loss and your power bill

Lower humidity to lower your electric bill

Reducing moisture improves comfort and allows higher temp setting

A Guide to North Carolina’s Electric Power Providers

An illustrated guide to the electric utilities that serve North Carolina.

Replacing windows

Consider use and appearance as well as the type of glass

Refrigerators & energy

The real scoop on making your fridge more efficient

Comeback for energy tax credits

Incentives are extended for home efficiency upgrades

Solar water heaters

Know options and facts before you install