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5 Tips for Your Walk in the Woods

Advice for beginning hikers from a local expert

By Great Outdoor Provision Co.

5 Tips for Your Walk in the Woods

Grandfather Mountain State Park. Photo by VisitNC.com

Ready for your first hike? It can be a little intimidating. For starters, what actually goes in that day pack? Here’s a quick primer for first-timers from the experts at North Carolina-based Great Outdoor Provision Co.

1Footwear: Hiking boots or shoes are preferred. A true hike is on natural surface trail, trail that is sometimes rocky, sometimes rooty, usually both. For hikes over three miles you’ll be glad you have a sturdy sole to help absorb the shock of the trail.

2Clothing: For the most part, we encourage synthetic clothing that dries quickly, especially in cooler weather. You start moving, you sweat; you stop moving and unless that fabric pressing against your skin is quick-drying and pulls the moisture away from your body, you will cool down quickly. Not a bad thing in the dead of summer, but potentially dangerous otherwise.

3Water: This is a biggie: No matter how long the hike, bring water. Dehydration is your enemy on the trail, and it can happen on even short hikes. If you don’t have a daypack or fanny pack and it’s a short hike, you can carry your water bottle. If you don’t own a water bottle, pick up a bottle of water at the store. Don’t forget water!

4Snacks: Again, even on a short hike it’s good to have a snack or two. An energy bar (try this easy DIY recipe!), a pack of cookies — whatever works for you. It’s a bummer to get midway through a hike and suddenly have your fuel gauge plummet to E. And if hiking is new to you, you likely don’t know how you might feel a mile down the trail.

5Camera: You’ve got a smartphone? You’ve got a camera. Bring it. Switch to Airplane Mode at the trailhead, then shoot freely — you have social media obligations, don’t you? (And if you need a charge on the trail, try one of these out!)

There are additional “musts” by season: bug spray in the summer, warm layers in the winter. But this list is a good starting point for the typical, not-so-long day hike (2–4 miles). Once you've got your pack set, you can hit the trail with confidence in your stride. Find more gear tips online at greatoutdoorprovision.com.

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