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A Sweet Smile, A Soothing Voice

A Sweet Smile, A Soothing Voice

I have been blessed in my life. We were not rich with money, but we were very rich with love in my family. When I was a little girl, I loved to stay overnight with my grandparents. They were simple people, with a simple life. They lived about a mile and a half off the main road. My granddaddy did not have a car so he would walk to the store to get the things they needed, and it was always so exciting to see what he would bring home.

They did not have indoor plumbing, so they would have to draw their water from the well outside. One of my sweetest memories is waking up in the morning at their house and hearing my grandma outside of my bedroom window. I would listen as she watered her flowers from a bucket of water that she drew from the well every morning. She would lovingly water each flower from her dipper, while she whispered sweet words to her flowers telling them how beautiful they were.

Another memory that I will always hold dear is my granddaddy reading to us every night before we went to bed. My grandparents would sit in straight chairs, and Granddaddy would read from the bible. Grandma would sit with her hands folded over her stomach and her eyes closed. She would always have the sweetest smile on her face while he read to her. He had such a strong yet soothing voice.

Even though my grandparents are gone our memories will always remain with me, and I cherish them deeply. I loved them very much and I look forward to seeing them again.

Sue Pope, Cameron, a member of Central Electric

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