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Corn Shucking and the Queen

Corn Shucking and the Queen

In our community, we had corn-shucking parties every fall. Our friends would come over and help shuck corn and have refreshments. We always made a game of it, such as the person that found the red ear of corn got to kiss whomever they wished. The corn was stored in the crib to be fed to the animals through the winter, or taken to the mill to be ground for feed.

In the fall of 1961, I was in first grade at Gilkey Elementary School. Every year at the Gilkey Carnival, a king and queen were chosen. That year, I would represent my class. Every penny I collected was considered a vote.

Granny Morgan was hosting a corn shucking. My family went up to help and I tagged along with my empty mason jar. I did not have to say a word; I had two cousins doing all the talking. My little pint jar was starting to sing. Uncles Carl and Frank gave me a nickel. Uncle Hoke turned both his pockets inside out and gave me every cent he had.

I became Queen of Gilkey with the $10 worth of votes, alongside my classmate, Bobby Harris.

Phyllis Edwards, Union Mills, a member of Rutherford EMC

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