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Cooking up Success with Your Small Brand

5 ingredients in a recipe for success

By Wendy Perry

Cooking up Success with Your Small Brand

1What you think the consumer wants and will buy and what they actually want and will buy are not always the same.

2Be willing to make changes and adapt product(s) to meet consumer needs, not just yours.

3This is not easy. This is hard. Do not get discouraged. Stick-to-itiveness required!

4Favorite thing to do? New product development! Least favorite? Paperwork! Be prepared for lots of necessary paperwork and paper trails to keep track of.

5Love what you do and give back — to staff in allowing time for family life balance, and to community. Share your success and blessings with others in need or less fortunate.

Wendy’s bonus tip:

“Having created and managed many of my own companies over the years, a certain amount of sheer craziness is required.”

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Learn how NC entrepreneurs, including Little Black Dressing Co., are making small food brands big business.

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