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Nutrify Your Autumn Table

Plus tips to add nutrient-rich foods into your daily meals

By Rue Reynold

 Nutrify Your Autumn Table

Fall harvest is abundant, and the taste of autumn is at your fingertips. Many plants grown in the fall season hold nutrients that can lead to a healthier body. Here are five fall plants that will make great additions to your autumn table.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are flavorful root vegetables that are known to improve eye health and reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a common eye disorder often found in people over 50. Sweet potatoes also strengthen the immune system and help fight off chronic diseases and infections. An easy way to incorporate sweet potatoes into meals is to substitute them for dishes that utilize traditional potatoes, such as fries or mashed potatoes. You can also cook or purée sweet potatoes to make a variety of meals or side dishes. Remember, sweet potato pie is a classic for a reason.


These vibrant berries have the reputation of being a superfood because they are rich in antioxidants and contain many vitamins that improve eyesight, protect against liver disease and lessen the risks and effects of a urinary tract infection. Cranberries can be eaten raw or cooked, and added to savory or sweet dishes. Use them as a rich sauce on proteins or add sugar to create a sweetly tart snack. Also consider drinking cranberry juice or adding it to smoothies.

Green beans

Green beans improve eyesight, the immune system, help fight infections, and promote cell and muscle health. They are unique because they can stand alone as a side vegetable or be incorporated into main dishes with ease. Add them into soups, stews, pies, salads and tomato sauces, or enjoy them boiled, grilled, baked or roasted.


This sweet vegetable is commonly added to sides and soups for a reason. Carrots are full of vitamins that help improve eyesight and the immune system to fight off infection and disease. They also strengthen bones and are full of fiber to promote good digestion. Carrots are one of the most versatile foods that can be added to most dishes for a sweet touch. Eat them raw or cooked, add to salads, soups, stews or vegetable curry, or blend them into a soothing smoothie. Don’t forget the timeless carrot cake.


A popular fall plant rich in vitamins, pumpkins help improve eyesight, strengthen the immune system and improve heart and skin health. They’re also a versatile food that can be utilized in many ways. Eat them raw or cooked. Use the leaves or flowers to add a unique flavor to your soups and stews. The pumpkin flesh can also be a great addition to soups, curries, pies and pastry filling. Have fun with a hollowed out pumpkin by using it as a bowl for rice or other dishes that involve scooping.

Whether you’re preparing a daily snack or planning a festive feast, these nutrient-rich autumn delights will make the perfect addition to your table.

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