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On The House

Home improvement projects with an energy-efficient edge

Skip the Mowing with Lawn Alternatives

Explore these options if maintaining grass isn't your thing

Cooking with magnets?

The pros and cons of induction cooktops

Energy-Savvy Congregations

Create a plan to make energy improvements at your house of worship

Foaming a Crawl Space

Take the proper steps when considering spray foam insulation

Tips for Heating on a Tight Budget

Resources are available to those concerned about the chill of winter

Surviving Without Air Conditioning

Inexpensive ways to stay cool without AC

Battery Powered Yard Tools

Do they make the cut? Consider these pros and cons.

Warming Up with Wood

A little research can help ensure safe, efficient wood burning

How to Close a Crawl Space

Follow these must-dos to improve home health and efficiency

Invest in the Sun for Water Heating

Solar water heating may be a long-term investment worth considering

Energy Considerations for Pet Doors

Keep Fido (or Fluffy) happy without the drafts

Mowing with Electricity

Weigh the benefits of using an electric lawn mower

Clothes Dryers: Use Only as Intended

Venting dryers indoors is no longer considered a safe option

Get Warmer Floors in the Winter

Steps to take to ensure your floors aren’t freezing this winter

Shop Smart for a New Water Heater

Weighing options up front can pay off over time